The daily struggle.

Will Power:Where do I start? An ongoing daily battle. This may sound overdramatic to some, but for me it's true. A battle doesn't have to be all violence and war, an internal battle is just as damaging. An internal battle in my opinion involves a daily tug of war, an ongoing debate inside. To explain … Continue reading The daily struggle.


Short and sweet again.

I do hate it when modern technology lets you down. Today's blog post will now be posted tomorrow as I am currently writing this on my phone as my interest doesn't seem to want to play ball! I had typed all tonight's blog out so hopefully in the morning I can publish straight away 🙂 … Continue reading Short and sweet again.

A positive attitude and layered clothes.

* It's all about the layers, the wind and rain isn't holding back so a big thick coat too 🙂 I think a lot of this healthy lifestyle is all centred around a positive attitude and mind. Now I'm the first to be negative I admit, whilst I do always try and see the bright … Continue reading A positive attitude and layered clothes.

Recycled outfit for today’s clothes of choice.

So I managed to squeeze in a trip to see the man. Just for the night (last night) and back to mine and uni today. I'm so glad to have my laptop charger back in my possession, I have lots of work to catch up on when I'm home. Because of this impromptu visit I … Continue reading Recycled outfit for today’s clothes of choice.